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The World's Longest Lasting Breath Mint

Tiny Peppermint/Spearmint-Flavored Ultra-Thin Wafer Takes Up to 4  Hours to Dissolve in Your Mouth for Continuous Fresh Breath, Tooth Whitening, Mouth Moistening and Anti-Bacterial Protection

Pharmaceutical Grade:

Developed by Doctors,

Not Candy Makers

(No Prescription Required)

What Are 4EverMints? 4EverMints is a tiny time-release oral mint ultra-thin wafer whose outer layer, when moistened by saliva, transforms into a gel. The gel facilitates the ability of the mint to stay comfortably in place in your mouth, adhering to your gum line, a partial, half dentures, full dentures or complete natural teeth, for up to three hours, while dissolving. As the breath mint dissolves, it continuously releases and delivers all-natural mint flavor and ingredients, causing tooth enamel whitening & strengthening, salivation, anti-bacterial & plaque protection and naturally refreshing the breath. The all-natural mint flavoring molecules are microscopically concentrated such that it allows a small amount of natural flavor in each tablet to pack a pleasant, cooling and long-lasting mint flavor, greatly amplifying and extending this effect for the full multi-hour duration of the mint.
The 4EverMints time-release micro breath mint technology was developed and patented by two doctors: Yale School of Medicine-educated Greggory DeVore, MD and Douglas Pratt, a University of California-educated Doctor of Pharmacology (PharmD) with expertise in time/sustained-release pharmacological technologies. Their breakthrough technology recently awarded US Patent #9,737,466 “Long Lasting Breath Mint.” Greggory DeVore, MD Douglas Pratt, PharmD
Much More Than a Long-Lasting Breath Mint


New Ultra-Thin,  Cool Peppermint Flavor, 4-Hour Duration

Continuous Fresh Breath

4EverMint’s patented time-release technology combined with its concentrated all-natural slow-release mint extract gives you up to 4 hours of cooling breath-freshening protection.

Tooth Whitening

4EverMints’ sweetener, Xylitol, is extracted from the bark of  Finnish birch trees. Among other positive health benefits, Xylitol helps re-mineralize tooth enamel and whiten teeth.

Mouth Moistening

The continuous presence of the 4EverMint resting comfortably between your gum and cheek stimulates a continuous flow of mouth-moistening saliva. Ideal for dry mouth


4EverMints’ Xylitol has powerful anti-plaque and ant-bacterial properties. Xylitol helps reduce tooth plaque. It also helps kill oral bacteria that cause unpleasant mouth odor and infection.

The Science Behind 4EverMints

Each tiny 4EverMint micro wafer contains thousands of microscopic honey comb-shaped cells that are resistant to moisture.


The inside of each cell contains natural mint molecules that have been microscopically condensed to provide 4 hours of extended and continuous flavor release.


Bonded to the flavor molecules is a naturally occurring sweetener (Xylitol) that has been shown to kill the germs that cause bad breath and plaque, re-mineralize and whiten teeth and stimulate salivation for a moist mouth.

(No Prescription Required)

A True Breakthrough in Breath Freshening Power & Duration

US Patent #9,737,466

"Long Lasting Breath Mint"

How 4Evermints Work

When you put the tiny pleasant tasting 4EverMint in your mouth, it comfortably and undetectably adheres to your upper or lower gum line (between your gum and cheek).

The moisture in your mouth slowly dissolves or melts each of the mint’s thousands of microscopic cells—providing a continuous release of breath cleansing and freshening power over the mint’s 4-hour duration.

4EverMints' Ingredients

Patented 4EverMints contains only all natural ingredients including: natural peppermint or spearmint extract whose molecules have been microscopically concentrated and micro-encapsulated to allow for an extended and consistent flavor release; hypermellose or cellulose from plant tissue that has been hydrated and heated to to provide a slow-dissolve barrier to moisture; and Xylitol an anti-bacterial/plaque aromatic sweetener extracted from the bark of Finnish birch trees.

Reviews 4EverMints Customers

"4EverMints Last All Night"

"I use the4EverMints each night, I have sleep apnea and must sleep with a CPAP mask on at night, it was really drying out my mouth and throat, and leaving a very bad taste in my mouth.


" The 4EverMints last all night and my mouth and throat are fine in the mornings. No more bad taste in my mouth, very refreshing and not bad breath. And I now sleep well at night with the CPAP mask" Norman Parsons Fallon Nevada


"I Am So Pleased with Your Product! "

"My husband and I were skeptical but decided to try 4EverMints and put the money back guarantee to a test. Imagine our delighted surprise when the first time we tried them, they both lasted not only two hours, as promised, but four hours!


"I have Sjogren's disease which means I have a continuous dry mouth. 4EverMints provides a constant stimulation for this situation. I am so pleased with your product! It really works! Thank You!" Debbie Riggs, Knoxville, TN


"Completely Sold on 4EverMints"

" I spend quite a bit of time in close contact with other people. I was never satisfied with the "other" breath freshener mints I was using, but I am completely sold on 4EverMints. I like the fact that It is stays comfortably on my rear gum, so I can drink water and even eat with the mint in my mouth and it won't move. I am so glad I decided to give them a try.

Sharon Proctor, Centerville, UT


"No Comparison to Any Mint I Have Tried"

"I love 4EverMints! There is no comparison to any mint I have tried. I enjoy the confidence I feel having fresh breath for over three hours. I am grateful to have found an alternative to other mints out there." Heidi Ferguson, Orem UT

"I Am VERY Satisfied!"

"I have found these 4EverMints as good as advertised! During the day they last approx. 4 hours, at night 8 to 10 hours. I am VERY satisfied!" Lyle McAllister, San Jose, CA


"Each Mint Lasts 4 hours for Me"

"4EverMints are GREAT! I use them at church, court, and even choir to keep my voice fresh and clean. Each mint lasts 4 hours for me. I don't have to keep popping those other breath mints or chewing gum that keeps me from talking, singing or even eating. I can do all that with a 4EverMints. These are perfect for those who have to work with and be up close to others. Trust me, they will be glad you're 4EverMinting." Kirtlan Naylor, Boise, ID, Attorney


"Love 4EverMints!"

"I am 45, teach 5th grade, and love 4EverMints! They assure me that my breath is fresh as I work closely all day with students. They freshen my breath at a constant rate for 3 1/2 - 4 hours, and even afterwards for at least 30-45 minutes. In my opinion 4EverMints are better than gum and breath mints, because they're effective so much longer and they don't hinder your speech in any way.

C. Classen, Independence, MO


"I Was Amazed . . . I Immediately Noticed the Results"

"A friend of mine almost humorously e-mailed me about 4EverMints, saying now no one will ever have a reason to have bad breath. I was amazed at how easy it was to keep in my mouth between my cheek and gums; I immediately noticed the results. When I first read about 4EverMints, I wondered if they could really deliver what they claimed! Now I know!" James Dewey, Tacoma, WA


"At 85, I Found the "One and Only" Breath Mint"

"The mints do everything that we were told! At age 85, I have finally found the "one and only" breath mint for future enjoyment. By the way, I have a couple of tins of Altoids I never plan to use.

Boyd Rich, Ogden, UT

4EverMints Comparison & Value

In an independent study/analysis of the time and rate of dissolution performed by Analytical Research Laboratories in Lehi, Utah, 4EverMints was compared to Altoids, Tic-Tacs, 3-Hour Breath Savers, Ice Breakers and Mentos.


The average container of candy mints holds 60 mints and costs $2.99. Each mint lasts on average 3 minutes.

Compared to 4EverMint's minimum 4-hour duration it would take 80 candy mints to equal one 4EverMints' micro wafer/dot.


You would have to consume nearly 133 mint containers or 7,980 candy mints and spend up to $397 to equal in duration one 100-micro wafer/dot bottle of 4EeverMints.



One Tiny 4EverMint Time-Release Micro Wafer/Dot is Equal to 80 Candy Mints in Duration!


You'd Have to Consume 7,980 Candy Mints

to Equal the Duration of One Bottle of 4EverMints

and Spend Over $397!

4EverMints is Really a Bargain!!


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